The Importance Of Being Relentless And Practical Examples


Reading Time: 4 minutes Hey, it’s Deepak Shukla here! Thank you for listening to my podcast – down below you will find the notes and key takeaways from today’s podcast so you can implement them in your everyday life! Deepak Shukla · My Plan To Hire Ex Servicemen and Ex Convicts To Scale The Pearl Lemon Group Good morning, […]

Harry Mack – Unparelleled Freestyler

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Morning all, I thought I’d write a little bit about a rapper I’ve been listening to obsessively for the last month or so since my buddy Luc introduced me to him. He’s a guy from Los Angeles called Harry Mack and he’s a freestyle rapper. He’s been around for several years now and was […]

What To Do When Your Mind’s All Over The Place


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning all, Today I’m having one of those mornings where I’m wondering to myself if I know what the hell I’m doing in general. With this in mind – I thought I’d write a blog about it all to help you folks by sharing my insights into what I do when ‘your mind is […]

The Power Of Just In Time Learning

Just In Time Learning

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Afternoon guys, Feels like it’s been a couple of days since I wrote a blog, so really this title and writing this out in any shape or form is really about a commitment to my writing. Going more than a few days without writing feels odd and so here I am. What’s happened is […]

Getting An Italian Tutor And How That’s Working Out For Me


Reading Time: 3 minutes   Morning all – here’s the time right now: What I wanted to do in today’s blog is really (well as I do in all of them) – write this as a reminder to myself that I really need to get my arse in gear when it comes to actually learning Italian. So during the […]

A Commitment To Giving Up Coffee (and why I’m making this pledge)

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Hey all, It’s 1605 on the 13th October and I’ve just come out of my second meditation session with Ana the Mexican (and Mexico City-based) yoga and meditation accountability coach. We’re now doing sessions 2-3x per week 20 minutes at a time. One of the subjects that came up (and I talk about my […]

My Experience With Intermittent Fasting


Reading Time: 3 minutes   Hey guys, The time is 1320 and I’ve found some time to engage in writing a blog post. And given I’m really hungry right now – I thought I’d base this post around exactly that. My fasting/intermittent fasting escapades. So what I’m trying to do – is to cut down my calorie intake by […]

Discovering I Have High Cholestrol Even Though I’m A Marathon Runner

Discovering I Have High Cholestrol Even Though I_m A Marathon Runner

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Hey guys, A few days back I got some shocking news which I’m going to share with you today. Around 10 months ago I signed up for a blood testing service Thriva. I did this to understand more of my general levels of vitamins, minerals, and hormones present in my system. One of the […]

Preparing To Work With A Personal Fitness Trainer

Preparing To Work With A Personal Fitness Trainer

Reading Time: 7 minutes   Morning all, My Personal Trainer Journey I recently met with a personal trainer whom I’m about to embark upon a journey with when it comes to my fitness. Francesco is his name – a half-German/half-Italian trainer whose a little bit of a man-mountain (i.e you can tell the man trains heavily). To boot – […]

The Power Of Applied Pressure


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning all, Starting much later than normal again today. It’s clear to see the impact that the events of the last few weeks have had on my health. The last few weeks is trying to sort out our lead-generation team to get them as quickly as possible to the standard that’s required to be […]

A Guide To Uncommonly Quick Decision Making


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning all, I don’t remember the last time I wrote two blogs in one day – so feeling adventurous this morning. Around 30 minutes ago I got this message from a new Twitter content creator I’ve started working with. I’ve been impressed with his approach and enthusiasm and he seemed to be honest in […]

Actions and Decisions That Repeat Themselves Over The Years


Reading Time: 3 minutes Morning all! Here’s the old countdown timer today. Didn’t quite start at 5.50am today – because I had an unproductive morning being on Whatsapp! I want to make a renewed commitment to myself to NOT be on Whatsapp until 7am every day. There’s no need for me to be on before that time – and […]

How To Learn Something New And Learn It Quickly


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning all! It feels nice to see 5.50 am on the clock as I write this! Been a good long while since I was able to actually start writing before 6 am – that tells me that I need to up my game and make sure that I’m actually up on time. What tends […]

The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Intelligence

The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Intelligence

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning guys, Up and at it again if you read my blogs! And getting back into doing some keyword research based around subjects that I’m pretty interested in. So I did some keyword research based upon a sales platform calls ‘’ – it had a list of the ‘best sales blogs’ – but I […]

36 Ways To Address Your Anxiety On Reddit


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning guys, Here’s the time again this morning, And if you read my blogs you’ll know right now that I’m suffering from a decent amount of anxiety because I’m not yet happy with the performance of my lead generation team. We’re not delivering at the levels we should be and so it’s a case […]

Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning all, I wanted to bash this out quickly before I head out to the cafe and get working. A thought arose in my mind this morning as a consequence of a conversation I had with an SEO expert yesterday. The question is (you guessed it) – am I spreading myself too thin? The […]