The Power Of Routine

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello all, It’s nice to hit the two week mark today. Day 14 is definitely a good show. Here’s what the gun says. Here is what is playing: I’ve got this on repeat using this plugin: Today I woke up and Strawberry is feeling a little poorly, and she has an exam today, so I […]

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey guys. You know what it is! Day 13 – let’s roll. This is today’s kick-off time. This was my wake up time: And the reason I got to bed so late was that I was doing this: Getting my medical license to start sparring , as I want to have a couple of amateur […]

The Drawbacks & Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s day 12. Here we go again – Kick off! Let’s see what ground I break over the next hour! Right now I’m sat in the Hotel Ibis – and minus the overnight Spanish member of staff who works in two jobs and looks like a ghost each time I see him –  It’s me  […]

Why You Shouldn’t Build A $100 Million Startup Yet?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey guys, Day 11! We’re doing it 😛 I managed to write yesterday’s blog in around 60 minutes in the end I believe – let’s see if I can hit the same stride today. I want to talk about the fallacies around building a $100 million startup now and why you probably should either: Never […]

How Posting on Facebook Every Day for 3+ Months ?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi all, I’ve got 90 minutes to get this done as per yesterday’s blog post. I’ve set myself this new target as I ended up writing for over two hours, although I did several things in-between.  I want to focus on being more productive with this time I have now. I’ve made it to day […]

My Huge Failures in Trying to Build My Agency

Reading Time: 7 minutes Day 8 – really enjoying this so far! Started a little bit later than usual as I’ve got my head into work. It’s amazing to see that my little blogging group is active: And that people are holding themselves accountable. Creating powerful tribes like this is so powerful for progress. Well done all again! So […]

How to Cope With Burnout?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Day 7 – it’s officially been a week.  Today/last night has been crazy. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to actually take a picture of my watch. As you can clearly tell I didn’t do my 430am start today. I was awake at 6.45am and then out of bed at 8am. Here’s why: Last […]

How to Wake Up Early Without Disturbing Your Partner?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morning all.  Day 6 rolls on: Got a new little mini-goal now.  Want to get to the hotel and be working by 5am tomorrow. Let’s see if I can post the watch for it tomorrow! It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment to get out of the door without waking my girlfriend up. […]

What It’s Like to Wake Up at 4:30 AM?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Day 5. We’re beginning to form the very early signs of habit building. Glad you’re with me on this journey. If you’re not – get ‘yo ass back to Day 1 lol! But check it: My 430am club on Whatsapp Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or you just don’t know who the f*ck […]

Coping With the Sleepless Nights

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s 5.13am.    I’m already sitting in the Hotel Ibis at this time:   My Mac photobooth picture for you there   Just finished watching ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ on Netflix.  Then had a Google of one of my favourite ‘wooden’ actors – Vin Diesel. I find him very watchable and think I’ll get all […]

How to Be Ridiculously Productive?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s actually day two and 5.31 pm.   But I really feel like writing.  Even though I wrote 1.5k words earlier.  Having finished up my ‘52k words’ project around a month back – I’ve been looking for another writing project I can sink my teeth into. This is it. Blogging just for the sake of […]

The Future of Pearl Lemon

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’m back with day 2 :p Glad to be doing this with you folks. So right now it’s Sunday 9.10am: I’m sitting at the hub by Premier Inn next to West Brompton station: And check the upload speed of this place: It’s better than the internet I have at home (or in any other place […]

Committing to Writing Regular Content

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s Deepak Shukla here. Starting my attempt to publish one piece of content every single day. It’s Saturday the 22nd of February, the time is 540 AM and I want to finally begin my journey of ‘journaling’. Made my 430 AM start today 🙂 Of producing content every single day – and aiming to write […]