What the Way of the Wolf Can Teach Us About Sales

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morning guys, And I’m back here to get after it. Just finished reading Jocko Willink’s daily routine last night before bed and it’s made me realise the need for greater discipline in my life. Still so much to do…. And that’s why reading is feeling so valuable to me now – it’s unlocking new room […]

49 Timeless Selling Principles From Sandler Rules

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello guys, I’ve actually started turning off my alarm and seeing what happens when I allow my natural sleep cycle to take charge. This is as a consequence of listening to this book – which may bring to an end my ‘430’ wake up…I’m still yet to decide whether it will or not – but […]

How To Talk To Anyone Book Review, No Television, Isolation & Other Musings?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Morning all, The time today. The Value in Not Finishing a Book I didn’t actually expect to be writing this book review so quickly. But again, like Richard Dawkins God Delusion – I stopped seeing the value in this around half-way through… And after about another 15 minutes of sticking with it further I decided […]

How to Close That Sale With Brian Tracy?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello guys, Here’s the time this morning… And I had something really interesting happen to me yesterday. I’ve got two new commission-only sales people starting with me today and it turns out their siblings – Josh and Allison from Alabama. I interviewed them both separately over the last week (neither knew they’d applied for the […]

So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport –

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morning all, It’s Monday 9.35am and I had something of a whirlwind this weekend in terms of reading… I managed to get through the entire book by Cal Newport ‘So Good They Can’t Ignore You’. I’m beginning to enjoy my walks in West Brompton cemetery that I’ll take in the morning.  I’ve actually yet to […]

My Food Prep Journey With KeyToFood

Reading Time: 6 minutes The time is 12.29 and it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. I’ve actually just come back from a long walk and I’m feeling ready to eat. Of course, I won’t be cooking – but I’ve still not got OUT of the habit of thinking ok ‘wtf’ am I going to cook. So let’s go through what’s […]

The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday Book Review & My Reflections

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys, The time and date as per usual. So today I hit a milestone.  I’ve listened to 26 hours of Audible this month – which is very likely my all-time record for a month. I aim to get it to 45 hours per month from June onwards (i.e 90 minutes per day), with a […]

How to Say No to Requests, Ideas, Proposals & More?

Reading Time: 6 minutes 2 Hour Walks Hey guys I went for a 2-hour walk this morning which I used to part read, part think and take notes. I’m keeping up this walking thing and what an amazing gift it really is. I have an amazing team of people around me executing both high-level as well as more process-driven […]

The Power of Silence, Solitude & Reflection & How to Do It?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys, I realised this morning when I was out for an almost 2-hour walk by myself (more on that later) that this ‘blog’ is becoming more of a journal, which I’ll write in and return from time to time to post thoughts, feelings and ideas that I have This is how I’m happiest and […]

Book Review: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport & 20 Hours of Audible In 10 Days


Reading Time: 7 minutes Hey guys Here’s the again and I wanted to share with you my thoughts after reading ‘Digital Minimalism‘ and getting through (according to Audible) 14 hours of book reading in around the last 10 days. Digital Minimalism is an amazing read written by MIT professor Cal Newport about the power of using technology with intention […]

I’m Going to Give Up Watching TV for One Month

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hey guys, I’m still reading Cal Newport’s ‘Deep Work’ and I’ve just had my mind blown again. Mind-blowing = when I hear something so radical but something that makes so much sense to me I can’t help but pay attention and take action. Time Sucking Television In the section ‘Quit Social Media’ one of the […]

How to Run 40 Seconds Per Km Faster in 14 Days?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hello guys, I’m beginning to find time for writing again.  (Today’s ticker) What a godsend it is to just block out social media and work on ‘deeper work’ as taken from the highly recommended ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport (thanks Zurab Kakabadze and Kevin Wimer) on this one. Whilst I’m not going to segway into […]

Why I Deleted All My Social Media Apps?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Why l Deleted All My Social Media Apps  Morning all –  2 days since my last blog and I’ve been up since 415am (Jenny woke me up again) and this is the time now: So far this morning I’ve just come back from my morning exercise routine @7am (today a 30-minute run/4.14 per km followed […]

How to Build New Habits and Live Extremely Powerfully?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello guys This is the time right now – and I’ve got until 5am before the next part of my schedule starts. A lot has actually changed even since day 1 of writing this blog – and I want to share my journey since I last wrote with you. So Covid-19 decimated my business when […]

My Biggest Business Mistakes of the Last Year

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys. Day 16 – back at it: I got to bed pretty late last night at midnight, but today I wanted to wake up ‘on time’, as yesterday I was up late – although I probably will crash later. I was out with my cousin Ajay last night, and we were discussing my agency […]