My Huge Failures in Trying to Build My Agency

Reading Time: 7 minutes Day 8 – really enjoying this so far! Started a little bit later than usual as I’ve got my head into work. It’s amazing to see that my little blogging group is active: And that people are holding themselves accountable. Creating powerful tribes like this is so powerful for progress. Well done all again! So […]

How to Be Ridiculously Productive?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s actually day two and 5.31 pm.   But I really feel like writing.  Even though I wrote 1.5k words earlier.  Having finished up my ‘52k words’ project around a month back – I’ve been looking for another writing project I can sink my teeth into. This is it. Blogging just for the sake of […]

The Future of Pearl Lemon

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’m back with day 2 :p Glad to be doing this with you folks. So right now it’s Sunday 9.10am: I’m sitting at the hub by Premier Inn next to West Brompton station: And check the upload speed of this place: It’s better than the internet I have at home (or in any other place […]