How Pearl Lemon Made £20K In Upfront Cash & £45K?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys, I want to walk you through how Pearl Lemon as a company is growing at the moment. So during this present Covid-19 era we’re living in – we lost a total of around 14 clients I think. Our returns from clients took a real beating. Today I’m not going to talk about ‘how […]

Why Most Business Owner’s Do a Terrible Job to safe Their Time?

Reading Time: 7 minutes A New World I’ve just finished reading Cal Newport’s Essentialism. And it’s opened my eyes up to this whole concept of ‘Deep Work’. I was actually recommended this book by a few people but never got around to reading it. Today I want to talk a little bit about the revelations it has provided and […]

I’m Going to Give Up Watching TV for One Month

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hey guys, I’m still reading Cal Newport’s ‘Deep Work’ and I’ve just had my mind blown again. Mind-blowing = when I hear something so radical but something that makes so much sense to me I can’t help but pay attention and take action. Time Sucking Television In the section ‘Quit Social Media’ one of the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Business

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Business Intro Hey guys, So the coronavirus has hit us hard in respect of business. And there’s never been a more important time to consider diversifying your income streams. Here’s the time right now – and like many of you if you’re watching – I’ve been rocked by an […]

When the World Is Playing Defence; It’s Time to Play Offence

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys, The time is 5am. I’m actually switching the way I show you guys images as when I take a picture of my phone it’s via Whatsapp I send it quickly to myself. This leads me onto Whatsapp which leads me to be distracted so I’m going to opt now to show you the […]

How My Newsletter Has Made Me $250,000?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Morning all, Sunday here and we’ve hit day 24. My plan with these blogs is to make it to day 100 before I actually break for a while and assess what they’ve done for me. The SEO team say for two months they’re not going to run actual ‘SEO’ on my website blog If you […]

How to Deal With Business Conflict?


Reading Time: 5 minutes   Hey guys, It’s day 23 and the time is: Really late start to this blog. I actually woke up at around 630am. The whole week I’ve been getting to bed late (i.e 1030pm more or less) and have been running on less sleep than I would like. Yesterday was no different, but with Saturday […]

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation in 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes Morning guys, It’s day 22. I’m actually home and not in my usual hotel spot: I made the decision after reading this last night: The world is in something of a meltdown: But hey – if you came here from LinkedIn Lead Generation and you’re wondering what the f*ck. I also keep a daily blog. […]

WhatsApp Hacks, Corona Is Killing Me & Riding the Wave

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morning all. Day 21  Officially three weeks into my daily blog 😛 Enjoying the journey so far. Time check: 5.05am I’m starting at today and whilst I’m here I wanted to share another little hack I use: As you can see I’ve got a couple of tabs open in my Chrome browser I’ve got my […]

How to Become a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morning guys, Day 20, a nice number to have kept consistent with for almost three weeks now. The time isssss: I started 67 minutes later today (getting out of bed at 5.37am) so that accounts for the time now. I’ll be going out tonight as well but as punishment, I’m going to aim to get […]

My Quest to Grow Brand Pearl Lemon

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morning guys, Day 17 is pretty cool.  Starting a little later, but I’ve decided I want to hit 100-day streaks for my activities before I give them up. To support me in that aim I’ve also started using this app The idea is – is that I’m attempting to build powerful new habits to create […]

My Biggest Business Mistakes of the Last Year

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys. Day 16 – back at it: I got to bed pretty late last night at midnight, but today I wanted to wake up ‘on time’, as yesterday I was up late – although I probably will crash later. I was out with my cousin Ajay last night, and we were discussing my agency […]

Starting Exciting New Ventures

Reading Time: 6 minutes Day 15. Coping with my hangover 😛 This is the time I’m starting today’s blog – a full 2.5 hours later than I normally do. Once you build a routine it’s incredible what alcohol can do to destroy it. It was all worth it because I had an opportunity to catch up with my Forex […]

Why You Shouldn’t Build A $100 Million Startup Yet?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey guys, Day 11! We’re doing it 😛 I managed to write yesterday’s blog in around 60 minutes in the end I believe – let’s see if I can hit the same stride today. I want to talk about the fallacies around building a $100 million startup now and why you probably should either: Never […]

How Posting on Facebook Every Day for 3+ Months ?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi all, I’ve got 90 minutes to get this done as per yesterday’s blog post. I’ve set myself this new target as I ended up writing for over two hours, although I did several things in-between.  I want to focus on being more productive with this time I have now. I’ve made it to day […]

Building a Highly Motivated Commission Only Sales Force


Reading Time: 5 minutes   Morning guys. Day 9 – we’re doing this! Kick-off is a little later.  Did my best to sleep in (although I did wake at 4am) Yesterday evening I felt terrible, so a little bit more rest was much needed. But still love being up and at it at this time of the morning before […]