Introducing... "Secrets of a Six-Figure Lead Gen Consultant" 

Here's what you'll get in this 15-hour advanced online video course (and coaching program):

Section 1: The 5-day Rocket Start 

  • How to craft high converting lead gen campaigns for clients using LinkedIn and cold email (even if you don't have a "premium" account)
  • Little-known "goldmines" for finding clients -- even if you have zero connections, even if you're bad at networking
  • How to craft mouth watering proposals (copy-and-paste scripts and templates included) 
  • The fast track to getting clients
  • How to build a predictable pipeline of lead gen clients (so you never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from) 

Section 2: The 80/20 Guide to Building a Profitable Lead Gen Skill Set (example deliverables included) 

  • The Roadmap to $10k+ / month 
  • How to make clients $7 for every $1 they pay you (so that they get a better return working with you than spending money on Facebook ads, Google AdWords, or any other channel) 
  • Little-known ways to leverage LinkedIn to get leads (without spamming hundreds of people a day) 
  • How to build cold email sequences that get leads (GDPR-compliant scripts and templates included)
  • The art of email list acquisition: How to ethically leverage other email lists to generate leads for your clients, without collecting the emails yourself
  • Deconstructing a five figure lead gen campaign: How to deliver leads consistently and predictably, month over month, in any niche. 

Section 3: Finding the Perfect, Profitable Niches for You 

  • Aligning your skills and background with the perfect niche 
  • How to research niches like the professionals do
  • The complete list of 100+ niches with high value, profitable clients that you can get into with no experience
  • Crushing your competiton: How to craft your perfect positioning strategy (so you can instantly separate yourself from every competitor, no matter how "crowded" the market is)

Section 4: Landing high budget clients on a consistent monthly retainer -- even if you have no experience 

  • The advanced human psychology of premium, high-budget clients (and how to find them) 
  • Strategies to stand out even in the most crowded markets
  • How to beat out other consultants and freelancers -- even if you're just starting out, charging the highest rates
  • Shortcut to monthly retainers part 1: How to use Upwork to land high value lead gen clients
  • Shortcut to monthly retainers part 2: How to use LinkedIn to find high value lead gen clients
  • Shortcut to monthly retainers part 3: How to use AngelList to land high value lead gen clients
  • How to craft standout proposals, cover letters, and outreach emails (templates and scripts included) 
  • Introvert-friendly strategies to close clients over the phone -- without hype, pushiness, or aggressiveness

Section 5: Your NEXT $10k / month: What to do after you've hit five figures in your first 1 - 3 months 

  • Frictionless automation: How to free up 90% of your time by outsourcing your lead generation (and why clients will STILL be happy to pay you a premium even if they know you're doing this) 
  • How to increase your income without adding any new clients 
  • 10x your productivity: Scaling up while protecting your free time


You'll also get LIFETIME access to the entire program (plus Q&A call recordings) 

Bonus: Productivity strategies to become a lead gen consultant in 3 - 4 hours per week or less ($597 value) 

You can join Secrets of a Six Figure Consultant (course only) for only $697


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Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant - Course Only

You WILL get clients on retainers by the end of the program - If you can't I will for you. If I can't - no questions asked. No hard feelings.

Hit financial freedom in months, instead of years

So you can spend more time with your family, break the shackles of the "9 to 5", or even travel the world without stressing about where your next check is going to come from (like I did)... 


Order Summary
Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant - Course Only