My Dating Journey Learnt From Backpacking, Books And Never Dating An Indian

Reading Time: 5 minutes Elin, Sarah and Tracey. They’re the names of the first girls I ‘fancied’. That was ages 11, 11 and 14. Takeela, Louise and Zoe are three more (all from my teen years). I guess you remember many of your first memories of ‘first things’ – they tend to stick with you I didn’t really understand […]

The Therapist Who Helped Me Find My Sanity, Stability

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey guys, So you’ve heard her name come up several times. Daniela! And I don’t think I’ve actually shared a photo of us together. (Just went through Google photos and found three recent ones. F*ck it I’ll share all of them) Yup, I know. I’m a handsome bugger, right? Lol. As you may remember (or […]

My Parents Arranged Marriage And My Relationships

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey guys, I spoke a while back about discovering my own relationship disorders which ultimately relate to any type of relationship I got into – whether with a friend, intimate relationship partner or my family. It’s easier to look back at it now and see how ‘the dots connect’. In this instance, the dots I […]