Being In A Physically Abusive Relationship; My Nightmare

Reading Time: 8 minutes Maria was a singer I’d found via Facebook within my 2nd-degree network. She looked pretty; she was a singer, and I was taken by her. So, I angled to try to get her to come and record at my studio. After some back and forth she did come, she did record, and then we would […]

Building Deep Impakt Recordings: My First Business W/200+ Clients

Reading Time: 8 minutes ‘Deeeeeep Impaaaaakt Recoooorddinnggs’ crooned the singer outside of my mum’s place as I recorded what would become a minor melody for my studio. Just 2-months back I’d be working full time at Deloitte – sat looking at tax returns. And now here I was with a singer who’d come to pen down vocals at my […]