My Dodgy Business Dealings Part 2 – Writing Other People’s Assignments

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hey Guys, So you heard about project VIP. Now let’s talk about the shameful ‘Articles and Essays’ that I was involved in some years later. We fast forward now to 2014 and I was living in Northolt with my partner Daniela. I was furiously trying to make my tutoring agency work – Gobsmackers! At Brunel […]

My Dodgy Business Dealings Part 1 – Joining A Pyramid Scheme

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey Guys, I want to keep pulling the curtains back on some things I have done that I’m not proud of – but have still taught me much about business and life and everything in between. Let’s begin with a conference that a girl called Stacey (a PhD student from Aston University I was dating […]