The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Cold Calling: Part 1

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Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning guys, At one of my agencies – Pearl Lemon Leads – we’ve just begun a campaign for a Chicago-based realtor. Our role is to ultimately cold call homeowners for them and book appointments. The point person – their lead broker is a very switched-on guy. Mostly – when we’re given lead-generation campaigns to […]

The Power Of Applied Pressure


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning all, Starting much later than normal again today. It’s clear to see the impact that the events of the last few weeks have had on my health. The last few weeks is trying to sort out our lead-generation team to get them as quickly as possible to the standard that’s required to be […]

Plotting Out The Next Year For Pearl Lemon


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Morning guys, Here’s the time today: I thought I’d use this blog as an opportunity to do some planning or ‘brain dumping’ as these blogs end up being a lot of the time – about my next steps with Pearl Lemon. So – We’ve rolled out Pearl Lemon PR into a separate website (this […]

A Lesson in Brainstorming For My SaaS Software [Send Koala]


Reading Time: 3 minutes   Morning all, Here’s the time and today I want to talk about something I’ve not yet written a blog about in detail – My plans to grow to Send Koala. The value for those of you reading this I hope – is to see how to ‘brainstorm’ in real-time and effectively do all of […]