The Ultimate Guide To Running Effective Meetings

Run effective meetings

Reading Time: 12 minutes Hey guys, Here’s today’s time. On Thursday of last week, I was discussing with my SEO team my keyword strategy for these blogs that I write on a daily basis. And it got me thinking about the weekly meetings I have in general – and their effectiveness. So surprise surprise here I am – With […]

The Ultimate Guide To “Stream Of Consciousness Writing”

Stream Of Consciousness Writing

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hey all, So I was looking around to try and understand what type of writing style I deploy when I produce my content. And as you can see from the title…I found it :p In this blog then, I’d like to walk through my insights and guidance on how to effectively employ this style of […]

How To Build Happy Habits

Build Happy Habits

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi guys, Today’s a little random in that I feel like writing more than I ordinarily do – and I’ve got around 10 minutes before my 1030am ‘turn on’ to the rest of the world. So I’m taking this moment to get some words out in relation to this ‘feeling’…I’m ‘feeling’. I had the option […]